Friday, December 22, 2006

And its name is Nighthawk

The computer I just completed building has a name: Nighthawk, and it takes its place (albeit temporarily) right alongside its almost identical twin, Blackbird.

I noticed that Nighthawk runs a lot quieter than Blackbird. This is probably due to the case fans running at low speed on Nighthawk as opposed to medium speed on Blackhawk. The low noise is also probably due to Nighthawk running 1 disk drive as opposed to 6 disk drives for Blackbird.

Memtest86 V1.65 ran almost 17 hours overnight without any memory errors! I'm very pleased.

Although I have 4 GB of memory installed, BIOS currently only sees 2.88 GB which is normal since I do not have the "Memory Remap Feature" enabled. The operating system I am currently installing is 32-bit Windows XP Media Center Edition. I will have this feature enabled when I install Windows Vista Ultimate x64 (RTM Build 6000).

I have just started installing Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 on the first drive. The drive is currently being formatted. It is 500 GB in size so it will take a while to format. I do not like to perform a "quick" format, specially if the drive is new.

This process required the "F6" installation for the Intel ICH8R RAID driver and I do not have diskette drive installed on Nighthawk or Blackbird. I know I could have created a "slipstream" installation CD to automaticcaly include the driver and avoid having to use a diskette drive. It was easier for me to install a diskette drive, so Nighthawk has a diskette drive now. It's coming off as soon as I get done with the installation!

Now, I remember what I hated most about Windows XP installation. Come to think of it, my previous P4 computer also does not have a diskette drive. I wonder how I installed Windows XP Professional on it. Maybe I did not have to perform an "F6" installation.

Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 should be up and running on Nighthawk in my next post.

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