Saturday, January 27, 2007

Another BIOS update from ASUS

Almost right on the heels of the BIOS Version 0910 official release just a few days ago, ASUS released BIOS Version 1004 (dated 01/22/2007) for the P5B Deluxe WiFi-AP motherboard yesterday.

It makes one wonder why ASUS felt the need to release this new version so soon. The release notes mention "enhance memory compatibility" and "support CONROE E0 CPU (FSB 1333)" - both are good updates, but hardly worth rushing the release of this version.

I suspect this release has something more to do with the impending release of Vista to the general public in 3 days. There are reports in the ASUS forums of Vista KMS Activation problems with the prior BIOS Version 0910.

It is also curious that BIOS Version 1004 does not appear in the "BIOS" or "Latest" sections of the ASUS download site. One must go to the "Map" section to find and download this version.

Regardless, I downloaded and installed BIOS Version 1004 on Nighthawk last night from a USB drive using the EZ Flash 2 tool in BIOS itself. This version did not require reloading my BIOS settings as BIOS Version 0910 did.

I ran my battery of stability tests overnight and Vista Ultimate x64 (RTM Build 6000) has been running on Nighthawk (with its overclocked settings) since this morning without any problem.

I did not see any new settings in BIOS, nor any performance improvements. At least, BIOS Release 1004 appears to be stable so far.

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