Friday, January 5, 2007

New baselines set

I have confirmed other people's findings that if you are enabling or disabling PECI in BIOS, you must power reset in order for your PECI setting to become effective. My temperature readings at 3.2 GHz overclock are now back to "normal" after my experimentation with enabling and disabling PECI in BIOS. These will be the temperature readings for 3.2 GHz overclock @ idle which I will be using as my baseline going forward.

Before going forward on my next step in overclocking Nighthawk, I also wanted to resolve the anomaly in my 3DMark06 results which showed better results @ 3.0 GHz overclock versus 3.2 GHz overclock.

I decided to lower my overclocking speed back to 3.0 GHz and re-run 3DMark06. A score of 8308 3DMarks was representative of the scores @ 3.0 GHz overclock. I will be using this as my 3DMark06 baseline score for 3.0 GHz overclocking.

I then raised my overclocking speed to 3.2 GHz and this set-up scored 8409 3DMarks which is very close to my previous benchmark score at this speed. I will be using this as my 3DMark06 baseline score for 3.2 GHz overclocking.

These scores make more sense, an increase of 101 3DMarks (Overall score) and 177 Marks (CPU score) @ 3.2 GHz over 3.0 GHz overclocking. The SM2.0 and SM3.0 graphics scores were equivalent at both speeds which is what I expected. I was unable to account for the anomalous results I previously found.

Nighthawk is now running at 3.4 GHz overclocked speed. It will be a night of running Memtest86 stability testing followed by a full day of SP2004 ORTHOS testing for stability next.


tomhole said...

Are thsoe CPU core temps at idle? What are they under Orthos load?


Gerry said...

Yes, these temperature readings are at idle. Check out my post today for the answer to your 2nd question.