Saturday, March 10, 2007

Monitoring backups

Windows Home Server actively monitors the status of backups for all connected home computers. It rates your "Network Health" based on the backup status of your connected home computers.

Windows Home Server informs all connected home computers of any and all backup status that requires the administrator's attention in a manner that is difficult to ignore. The Windows Home Server Console quick launch icon turns bright red and a pop-up message is displayed above it for every backup status that requires attention.

The administrator can also use the Windows Home Server Console to view and manage the backup details of each connected home computer.

The initial backup of each connected home computer is locked and kept by default and all subsequent backups are managed automatically. The reason why the initial backup is locked and kept by default is because each subsequent backup is incremental, i.e., only files that have changed since the last backup are included.

Click on the "Network Health" icon in the Windows Home Server Console to view all backup warning and error messages.

Windows Home Server issues a warning message if connected home computers have not backed up for 2 days or more. It issues an error message if a backup error has occurred.

There is a known problem backing up a home computer to the Windows Home Server over a wireless network connection. This is the reason for the Unicorn backup error in my network.

There are some other minor bugs with regards to the update of the backup status in the Windows Home Server Console. Other than these minor problems, backup appears to be working. However, the proof will be if I am able to restore (full and partial) from a backup.

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