Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Personal Folders

When a user is added to Windows Home Server, a Personal Folder on the home server is automatically created for the user.

This Personal Folder may be used by the user to store his/her files on the home server. The user is responsible for manually maintaining and keeping the files current in the Personal Folder.

The Windows Home Server Backup, to be covered in my next posting, should be used instead for automatic backup of files.

By default, "Folder Duplication" is enabled for the user's Personal Folder on the home server. As noted in a previous posting, enabling Folder Duplication means that Windows Home Server will automatically place a copy of the folder and its contents on a separate physical drive for redundancy to protect against a disk drive failure.

This option may be disabled in the "Properties" for the Personal Folder.

Also by default, only the owner of the Personal Folder has Read/Write access to his/her Personal Folder. Everyone else has "No Access" to Personal Folders other than the one belonging to them.

User access to Personal Folders can only be changed by the Windows Home Server administrator in the "User Access" tab of the Personal Folder properties. The owner of the folder cannot change user access for his/her own Personal Folder.

The Personal Folder is an easy way to provide file storage space on the home server for users. It is easily accessible via the "Shared Folders on Server" shortcut on the desktop or the "Network" link in the Start menu.

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